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Consider all of your aviation needs met.

As a comprehensive aircraft services operator, Haskin Aviation provides aircraft management, concierge, pilot, and private charter services, as well as aircraft purchase services.

Aircraft Brokerage

If you are seeking to buy or sell an aircraft, contact Haskin Aviation. We serve as a middle-person to guide your aircraft transaction to completion.

Aircraft Management

Our meticulous aircraft management ensures the proper inspections, recommended upgrades, and flight conclusion status briefings are conducted according to regulations and safety requirements.

Maintenance will be taken care of by expertly trained aircraft mechanics and technicians. The aircraft will also receive the proper cleaning and detailing so it always looks new.

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Concierge Services

We will take care of everything from scheduling your flight to securing a hotel room to arranging for a rental car, plus whatever you need to make your flight comfortable, convenient, and rewarding. All you have to do is ask.

Pilot Services

You can use our certified pilots to fly your plane to safely take you to the destination of choice. All of our pilots meet and / or exceed requirements for flying the aircraft.

Private Charter

Please go check out our charter page for complete information about our superior private charter service!

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