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Travelling with Haskin Aviation provides a distinct competitive advantage for businesses wanting to use time wisely. The same is true for leisure fliers while adding a touch of class and the exceptional convenience for everyone onboard. For example:


You can schedule any time you want to arrive and depart to / from your destination. You operate on your own, not the airlines, schedule. This eliminates worry about missing connecting flights or experiencing flight delays for hours as can happen with commercial flights.


One of the reasons people who travel on a private charter jet love it so is the plane itself. The seating is comfortable, roomy, private, and secure.


Using our concierge service, you can select from a variety of packages that match your taste, needs, and budget.

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Our Crew

All of our crew members are professionally trained with some of the most technologically advanced simulators available and are held to standards that are well beyond the minimum required. We take tremendous pride in ensuring that our aircraft are operated as safe and as smooth as possible to guarantee your trip is enjoyable and stress free. Our attention to detail and our desire to make your time with us a great experience is what we truly strive for.

The Airport

This is the real beauty of flying with Haskin Aviation! You can arrive 15 minutes before takeoff rather than 2 hours on a commercial flight. No longer will you have to:

  • Sit for interminable amounts of time in an airport terminal
  • Wait in long, slow moving security lines before you enter the gate area
  • Worry about the plane you’re going to fly arriving at the gate on time
  • Experience a delay caused by a late-arriving airplane

The Planes

Many private jets, including the ones in our fleet, can fly up to 51,000 feet, reducing the turbulence often felt on commercial jets that fly at about 30,000 to 38,000 feet. You can review the specs of our fleet.

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